Friday, September 9, 2011

Thank You Burlington VT!

What A Fantastic Evening!  Art Hop 2011 got an amazing start with fantastic weather and SO many people. We worked real hard this week to get everything up and running. 20'clock this afternoon though I had to stop the team to change gears and move into "social mode".  The glass blowing is then postponed to next week. We did meet and greet with I believe over a Thousand people this afternoon and evening! We had kids doing face paint outside and there was music from many directions. For example the magical self playing Piano at Justin Rose's cool piano tuner shop....It was inspiring to see all the happy people out today.
I have to recommend a really talented yoga teacher we are lucky to have in our town, Jane Jarecki. See  She helped me to keep my cool this afternoon : I had a yoga class with her in the middle if the day and she had put together a practice that was really grounding and helped me to focus happily on today's event.  It worked.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Front Porch Forum  Read about a very cool, humbling and heart warming way of being neighbors.  I hope  this idea can spread to many other "hoods" in the world. 

The founders of FPF just needed to communicate more with their new neighbors after moving to a new address: and created this whole wonderful community creating and embracing system of sharing local information- about local and international matters and issues!

Lucky are all of us who have this foundation to build our neighbor relationships on.  Thank you Front Porch Forum Burlington!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Embrace! at the Emigrant Institute of Sweden.

I'm very honored to be a participant in the cultural event Embrace! organized by the Emigrant Institute in Växjö. 

Read About Embrace Here

Opening day is September 14.

Maglianero- my favorite Cafe' and Cultural hub.

I don't have enough describing dynamite words for my all time favorite cafe and meeting place that I ever stepped into.

And then I've experienced a lot of cultural environments that are about drinking something envigorating and having a chat, in between ultra charming old ladies Tea houses in New Zeeland through anarchistic Cafees in Malmö to the old style espressobar in San Gimignano, Italy.  They are all about stopping and taking a break to get a chance to look up from what you're doing as an individual and be present with other people to share moments.

Maglianero's staff, coffee, hot chocolate, knowledge & spirit is a gift. 

Use it!

Something's cooking at the AO studio: Countdown to fire in the furnace.....

What's today a very cold and empty glass melting furnace...

-will change this 2011 Art Hop week.

With the massive creative energy and support gathering up this week, we'll work relentlessly to get the glow  we need.

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Thank you.

Thank you

New AO Glass Photographer: Dok Wright

I'm excited to be back in Burlington after a summer filled with memories. We are ready to execute work inspired by the many people we met on our travels, old friends and new ones.

Thank you to photographer Dok Wright for helping to create the new look of AO Glass.

Dok is organizing the VT Cares Auction at Art Hop at the Maltex building. AO Glass contributed with several pieces.  Best of luck!