Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Samson Svenson waiting for heat

Mascot Samson Svenson is patiently waiting for the glass studio to get hot...

Polar bears for VT Life Magazine

Our first completed order so far this fall. The VT Life catalog features our Polar Bears that arrives in couples. These were created by Rich in a rented glass studio. We hope to switch on the equipment in our studio 2 weeks from today.

Glass studio up date

Under construction: the fasade of our new location. Today is a beautiful warm day with some of the last yellow leaves on the trees brightening up the sidewalks of the South End. Today Vermont Energy is working on hooking up the gas for us. The equipment outside the doors are sandblasting machines that will go to the left of the entry way.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

These are examples of coming work. These express thankfulness for amazing shared summer experiences. Thank you to all family, friends and supporters.
Yes, we did put them to work. Inspecting visitors after we had a professional sheet rock worker do a great job. The walls are finished and the sales desk is in.
Happy fall feelings to you all. This was the most inspiring artist work I found at The Space Gallery. (Bt VT) Hearts cut out of leaves......

We had a great team build us the essential American social spot, the front porch. By the way if in Burlington VT please join the Front Porch Forum. It's you best source of neighborhood info. We did celebrate with double Key Lime Pies.

New mascot, his name is Samson. Eats everything, we think he may be a goat.

The "Swede" enters the studio. Our annealing oven where the glass pieces cool down over night.

The furnace has arrived.