Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An update of AO! glass:

Hi, you are the Glass Artist at AO! glass. How is it going with the work shop?

-well, I couldn't just sit and wait for Burlington City to give us our Permit. So I took on a job as a Bread Baker in town. It warms up my glass blowing muscles and I'm enjoying being with a great team in a hot environment.

So, what is happening at 416 Pine st?

-we are installing hoods and fans to make it a real safe place to work and visit. We just launched the Action for Glass Alive! By a $20 Yellow Ticket and help AO! glass to open up our doors.

What can a Yellow Ticket get you?

-oh, it gives you 20% off any next purchase of glass, orders and classes. We make lighting, table ware, hand engravings and we organize demos and wedding events. Get a ticket and come in and be creative with us!

How do I get one?
-just email and ask for a printable Yellow Ticket.

We are all looking forward to see you in action, blowing art glass. Thank you.
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