Friday, September 9, 2011

Thank You Burlington VT!

What A Fantastic Evening!  Art Hop 2011 got an amazing start with fantastic weather and SO many people. We worked real hard this week to get everything up and running. 20'clock this afternoon though I had to stop the team to change gears and move into "social mode".  The glass blowing is then postponed to next week. We did meet and greet with I believe over a Thousand people this afternoon and evening! We had kids doing face paint outside and there was music from many directions. For example the magical self playing Piano at Justin Rose's cool piano tuner shop....It was inspiring to see all the happy people out today.
I have to recommend a really talented yoga teacher we are lucky to have in our town, Jane Jarecki. See  She helped me to keep my cool this afternoon : I had a yoga class with her in the middle if the day and she had put together a practice that was really grounding and helped me to focus happily on today's event.  It worked.

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